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Wears Valley Jeep Rentals

Our Jeeps

Best Jeep Rental Prices in The Smokies

We have over sixteen different jeeps to choose from

2 door, 4 door, hard top and soft top

manual and automatic transmission

2  Door Jeep Rentals
2 Door Jeeps
Bear jeep rental at Wears Valley Jeep Rental

Bear Jeep Rental

Bear is a black, 2010 two door Jeep Wrangler, with 5 speed standard transmission, 35” X 12½” tires on 20” wheels. It has custom bumpers, fenders and nerf bars and KC lights. This jeep is easy to get in and out and appeals to those that enjoy a really cool little Jeep.

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Casper Jeep Rental

Casper is a white, 2022, two door, Jeep Wrangler with 17” custom Wheels and BFG A/T tires. Like Nellie, it has a stock suspension and retains the standard handling characteristics which is both easy and fun to drive. The soft top is one of the easiest in the fleet to remove and it has a back-up camera

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Daisy Jeep Rental

Daisy is a 2022, velocity yellow, two door, Jeep Wrangler. It has a 2” suspension lift, custom 17” wheels with 33” X 12.5” tires, Custom front bumper with LED Lights, custom nerf bar and LED light bar. Great looking little jeep, easy to drive, and really lights your way up these dark mountain roads. The top is easily put up or down and it has a back-up camera

Dixie Jeep Rental

Dixie Jeep Rental

Dixie is being prepared for future rentals

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Maverick Jeep Rental

Maverick is a firecracker red, 2017, half- door, two door, Jeep Wrangler with a custom front bumper, LED lights, custom fenders, and 35” X 12.5” tires on custom 17” wheels. It’s a looker and the half doors give you so many configuration options. This makes it perfect for any unexpected weather changes and like all the two door Jeeps, it is such a pleasure to drive

Best price and selection on Gatlinburg TN jeep rentals

Nellie Jeep Rental

Nellie is a 2017 Jeep Wrangler, automatic transmission, two door model with a rag top and custom wheels. It is a smooth little ride that is easy to get into and out of and so easy to drive.

Sevierville TN jeep rentals near me

Puddin Jeep Rental

Puddin is a Yellow, 2004 Jeep Wrangler TJ with 33” X 12.5” tires mounted on 15” custom wheels with 2” suspension lift, custom front bumper, LED lights, nerf bar and automatic transmission. This one is for the enthusiast hoping to experience the legendary TJ.

Sterling Jeep Rental

Sterling Jeep Rental

Sterling is a silver, 2008 Jeep Wrangler with a six speed standard transmission, 2" lift, and a soft top. It has 17" custom wheels on 31" BFG tires, bumpers, LED lights, and nerf bars. It's quiet, easy to maneuver, and fun to drive. It also has half doors which makes configuration adjustable and perfect for weather changes. 

T Rex Wears Valley Jeep Rentals

T Rex Jeep Rental

T Rex is a 2017 two door Granite Grey Jeep Wrangler with automatic transmission, 3” suspension lift, custom wheels and 35” Goodyear tires, custom bumpers, nerf bars, fenders, LED light bar and spotlights. It also has half doors which allow a much larger field of view and allows different configurations during the day. Perfect for weather changes and long days in the mountains.

4  Door Jeep Rentals
4 Doo Jeep Rentals
Big Red Jeep Rental Wears Valley Jeep Rentals

Big Red Jeep Rental

Big Red is a red, 2014, four door, soft top, Jeep Wrangler with an automatic transmission, 4” suspension lift, 34” tires on 18” wheels, Custom front bumper, KC lights, and Wet Okole Seat Covers. Smooth and quiet ride.

Goose Jeep Rental

Goose Jeep Rental

Goose is a white, 4 door,  2016 Wrangler unlimited hard top with removable top panels. It has a custom bumper, LED lighting, nerf bars, aftermarket fenders, 20" wheels, and 35"x13.5"tires. Inner liners were added to allow installation of the massive wheels and tires. This makes it a unique but fun driving Jeep.  

Johnny Ringo Jeep Rental

Johnny Ringo Jeep Rental

Johnny Ringo is a dark green, 4 door, 2015 JK unlimited with a 4" lift. It has 35" tires on custom wheels, bumpers, nerf bars, LED lights, and a new Bimini top. It is quiet, smooth riding, and a good looking Jeep

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Kong Jeep Rental

Kong is a 2015, black, 4 door, Jeep Wrangler with an automatic transmission, 4” suspension lift including other suspension upgrades, nerf bars, custom front bumper with KC lights and custom 17” wheels with 35” x 12 ½” tires. This Jeep has the factory half doors which makes the transition to a “safari” vehicle effortless, done in about 1 or 2 minutes, and then back to fully enclosed in about the same time. It can’t get any easier than this and the jeep has a comfortable ride and drive.


Maximus Jeep Rental

Maximus is a black, 4 door, 2018 JK unlimited hard top with removable top panels. It has a 4" lift, custom fenders, bumpers, nerf bars, LED lighting, custom 20" wheels, and 37.5"x13.5" tires. This is an awesome looking Jeep that drives great. It has a little exhaust noise but not too loud. 

Rent Ole Blue at the best jeep rental in Pigeon Forge TN

Ole Blue Jeep Rental

Ole Blue is a 2016 Jeep Wrangler, four door 3 piece hard top with a 4” suspension lift, 35” tires on 17” wheels, custom front bumper, nerf bars, suspension upgrades, seat covers and KC Light bar. The two piece section of the top can be removed or replaced in about two minutes and can be stored in the jeep. This configuration is great for the cool mornings or evenings and the higher elevations. We can remove the entire top if requested.

Old Yeller jeep for rent in Gatlinburg TN

Old Yeller Jeep Rental

Old Yeller is a 2015, highly customized, soft-top Jeep Wrangler. It has an automatic transmission, 4” suspension lift with upgrades, 35” tires on 17” wheels, custom bumpers, light bar, KC Lights, custom interior, fenders, exhaust, rock lights, etc.  It rides and drives just about the way you would expect. It’s not for everyone, but if you want to cruise around nice and slow in a highly customized Jeep, this one may be for you. Kids absolutely love it! It’s loud and its rough.

Best selection on rental jeeps in Sevierville TN

Sarge Jeep Rental

Sarge is a 2022, green, 4 door, soft top, Jeep Wrangler with an automatic transmission, nerf bars, custom front bumper with KC Lights, and custom wheels and tires. It has a 2 ½” suspension lift and rides and drives like your car. It is easy to get in and out, maneuver, and even has a back-up camera. The rag top is easily raised and lowered for your comfort

Pricing & Booking

Jeep Rental Package Pricing

Call Us At  865-366-6487

 to Reserve Your Jeep Today !


Monday thru Saturday 8:00 am until 7:00 pm

Available for Sunday call out


3770 Wears Valley Road, Sevierville TN 37862

24 Hour Jeep Rentals

Two Door Jeep  $180.00 + tax

Four Door Jeep $250.00 + tax

Same Day Rentals

Depending on availability we sometimes have Jeeps for same day rent & return which helps more enthusiast enjoy the mountains. Sorry, we do not offer half-day rentals. Please check with our office for same day rental availability

Rental Details

  • Tube Doors available for an additional $50.00

  • We have a daily limit of 200 miles with a 25 cent per mile overage charge.

  • Hours of operation Monday thru Saturday 8:00 am to 7:00 pm

  • Available for Sunday call out

  • A valid driver’s license and vehicle insurance required

  • We will configure the Jeep to the configuration that you desire at the time of your rental. We have hard top, rag top, convertible, tube doors, and will show you how to put the top up in case you run into bad weather.

  • We will be happy to provide pick up and delivery service for a fee of $25.00

  • Your Jeep will be filled with gas at the time of rental and we ask that you return it full of gas.

  • We do not allow off roading or mud riding. Black top and marked hard pack gravel roads only. 

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