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Smoky Mountains are great for jeep rentals from Wears Valley jeep rentals


  • What kind of jeeps do you rent?
    We have 12 jeeps for rent. Featuring: 2 door, 4 door, standard transmission, automatic transmissions, hard tops, soft tops and so much more. We also have a 2005 400HP Chevy SSR for rent.
  • What are the rental terms?
    We rent our jeeps for 24 hours with a mileage limit of 200 miles per rental period. An additional .25 per mile charge for mileage over 200 miles. Prices vary based on the specific jeep and configuration. Discounts for multiple day rentals. If you compare pricing with our competitors, you will find that our pricing structure is more affordable than other jeep rental companies who rent by the hour.
  • What are the requirements to rent a jeep?
    You must be 21 years of age or older, have a valid state drivers license and be able to show proof of auto insurance.
  • What are your insurance requirements?
    Customers are required to present a valid insurance coverage for their vehicle. Please check with your insurance provider to make sure they provide coverage for rental vehicles. We do not offer supplement insurance for our vehicles.
  • What types of payments do you accept?
    We accept Cash, Visa, MasterCard and Discover. Sorry we do not accept checks
  • What are your hours?
    We are open from 8 am until 7 pm Monday thru Saturday. Sunday service is available on a call out service.
  • Do you allow off roading or mud riding?
    No. We do not allow off roading or mud riding. Black top and marked hard pack gravel roads only
  • Are your jeeps cleaned and maintained?
    All of our jeeps are well maintained and serviced regularly. All of our jeeps are checked, cleaned, and sanitized between each rental.
  • What happens if our jeep breaks down?
    Our Jeeps are very well maintained but in the unlikely event that you break down, give us a call at 865-366-6487 and we will get you back on the road, bring you another Jeep or get you back to our office and to your car.
  • Do you rent cars, vans, ATV's or motorcyles?
    No, we only rent jeeps but we also have a 2005 400HP Chevy SSR for rent.
  • Do you offer pick up and return service?
    We do offer pick up and return to selected locations in the area. Each trip is an additional $25 per trip. Call us to see if your location is in our area.
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